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Operational AI to Augment

Human Capabilities

Operational AI streamlines and automates daily inspection tasks.


Achieve unprecedented safety and productivity by deploying Operational AI solutions into real world, day to day business operations.

Why Operational AI?


Illuminex AI Plug & Play Inspection Pipeline

Plug and Play Inspection Pipeline Infographic.png

Perimeter Security 

Foreign Object Debris  

Airfield Lighting

Pavement Condition

Airfield Markings

Airport Autonomous Perimeter Security & Inspections

As part of a collaboration with a consortium of renowned industry leaders in connectivity, automation, artificial intelligence, and airside digital solutions, including CISCO, Honda, Genwave Technologies, and Eagle Aerospace, we have developed a groundbreaking perimeter security and fence inspection solution.


Our Operational AI solution transforms perimeter inspections, elevating airfield security and safety to unprecedented levels, while augmenting human capabilities to increase overall inspection productivity.

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Born from a successful foundation developing industry-specific technology at University of Waterloo for companies like Porsche, General Electric, and General Motors, the team at Illuminex is on a mission to use the power of Al to operations. Learn more about our team.

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We are continually seeking talented individuals to join our dynamic team. We value innovation, creativity, and a passion for solving complex challenges. If you are interested in working with us please submit your resume.

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