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Operational Excellence Through Advanced
AI-based Inspection

Enhancing safety, efficiency, and quality of products and processes with Operational AI.

Our Inspection Solutions

Autonomous Perimeter Security
Perimeter Security, Fence Inspection, Intrusion Detection
Inspection Solutions
Tailored Solutions
Ask us about your operational challenges.

Operational AI is an end-to-end execution of production AI use cases.


The Illuminex AI Development Framework transforms how custom AI applications are deployed, making the process faster and easier in all applications where data is scarce. The framework empowers organizations to confidently use AI for smarter operations and to embrace the future of intelligent operations through seamless collaboration between humans and AI.
Sensor Inspection
Edge Analytics
Inspection Insights & Alerts
Autonomous Airport Perimeter Security

For Airfield Operations

Our Perimeter Security and Fence Integrity solutions are the first step in our delivery of a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance the airfield inspection process beyond the limits of  human perception. Stay tuned as we engage with key partners in the airfield operations and technology ecosystem to deliver the next generation of airfield intelligence.

Infrastructure Security

For Infrastructure Security

Our multi-layered approach to industrial security enables us to distinguish between humans and animals, thus eliminating a frequent source of nuisance alarms from motion-based solutions. By integrating this with perimeter fence integrity monitoring, real-time alerting, and automatic triggers, we can expedite response times and provide real-time deterrence. This approach effectively reduces losses from damage to, or theft of, valuable infrastructure.


Tailored Industry Solutions

Our custom-fit inspection solutions are made to align with your operational needs. The Illuminex AI Development Framework simplifies the process of creating an automated inspection solution. It provides the insights needed to increase safety, efficiency, and quality in your operational environment. Ask us today how our custom-fit inspection solutions can help you.

Our Partners

Toronto Pearson Airport
Genwave Technologies
Honda AWV
Team Eagle

"Toronto Pearson is proud to be a leader when it comes to investing in technology that will enhance the efficiency of our operations. Airports are constantly under pressure to ensure the safety of passengers, airplanes and operations, and we are always working with industry-leading partners to make sure we’re investing in a safe and efficient airport for everyone.”

Brian Tossan, 

Chief Technology Officer, 

Greater Toronto Airports Authority


We are continually seeking talented individuals to join our dynamic team. We value innovation, creativity, and a passion for solving complex challenges.  

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